Doggy life, rabies and animal lovers

Dogs unofficially slaughtered in Buttala before the state Vesak festival this year
Sri Lanka health authorities say that the country's canine population may have increased and their estimate is 2.5 million. It seems there is a dog per each four persons.

I ride my mobike mostly for travel and I have noticed that I meet more dogs than people on my way. Stray dogs are a nightmare to the riders. So many have broken limbs and some die thanks to the stray dogs. I have run over stray dogs two times and in one incident had all kinds of bruises all over my body. Once a herd of stray cattle also ran before me and one hit the headlight of my bicycle before I managed not to fall.

Stray dogs are dollars for some animal friend NGOs. I have never seen they conduct their so called sterilization clinics in our area. To the Sinhala Buddhist leaders also of this country, stray dogs are not like stray Tamils and they like to spare them. 

But stray dogs have doggy lives without food, shelter and care. This is their breeding time and scores of them are on the road as one or two bitches tied to dogs and being dragged as people chase them. Sex is human right as well as dog right too, isn't it?

The cost for the rabies vaccine has gone up and as a result the death rate has gone down. Sometimes back Udaya Gammanpila's nephew died due to rabies. He has been a young boy who naturally loves animals. I too have a kid like that and I am always in fear of her animal love.

Like humans, dogs also must have not mere lives, but decent lives. A thing the capitalism is failed to grant.


  1. Sterilization seems to be the only solution in sight, on the balance.


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