Sri Lankan Minister seeks UN permanent investigative commission to look into human rights violations of US

(September 25, Colombo - Lanka Polity) National Heritage Party (JHU), a Sinhala Buddhist ethno-religious party in coalition with Sri Lanka's ruling alliance is going to commence a petition campaign against US.

The JHU expects to collect a million signatures since next month denying breach of human rights since the inception of US and urging for UN permanent investigative commission to look into them, said ruling alliance Minister of Agriculture, Agrarian Development, Irrigation, Livestock Production and Development, Trade and Environment in Western Provincial Council at a press conference held in Colombo yesterday.

JHU move is considered an effort to counter the international pressure to investigate the human rights violations in the last leg of the war against the Tamil Tigers.

Sinhala Buddhist nationalist JHU is a party that handles the ideological stand of Sri Lanka government. It vehemently opposed the peace process and mobilized forces to militarily defeat the Tamil separatism in the north and eastern parts of the island.


  1. Could you please setup a web page as well. People from all over the world would sign this. It is time for Sri Lanka to lead the way in the global stage.

  2. Ata Boy. Go for it. Why don’t we break off DPL relations to teach them a lesson? Let’s see how they manage to get out of their recession without the underwear our village girls stitch for them. Can they even go into office without our bras and panties? No way. Anyway we need George Bush back in the White House. As the creator of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, George Bush was very much on the same wavelength as us and knew how to deal with Terrorists and understood our methods perfectly. Obama is a no good softy ‘karberi’ liberal. Why don’t we add to that JHU petition a clause demanding that the US constitution be amended to allow Bush to be President again? No doubt there will be a biblical flood of signatures worldwide.


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