Are Buddhist extremists planning to create a bigger movement of violence manipulating state military or will they venture into terrorism of Al Qaeda type?

Indian police is after two Muslims who are suspected of planting bombs in World Heritage Buddhagaya (Bodhgaya), Buddhists' sacred shrine where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.

Sri Lankans have a Buddhist temple in Mahabodhi temple complex where more than a dozen such temples are located. It is a place belonged to India but common for Buddhists from all over the island.

Originally Buddhism is a religion based on non-violence. In recent times, certain Buddhist monks in Burma and Sri Lanka inculcated extremist doctrine specially against Muslims and other minority religions in their countries.

These monks are in politics and I think they chose Muslims to extricate their wrath not because they are any actual threat to Buddhism but they are already in war with powerful Western super powers. The political Buddhist monks in these countries have always being with power. They are unarmed. They do not need arms because they attempt manipulating entire state armed structures for their purposes.

To prove my logic, I can say that conversions were extremely few in the country from Buddhism to Islam. Conversions from Buddhism to evangelical Christianity is much higher than that and there was a fight against them launched by radical Buddhist monks. But the enemy was too big for them and they gave it up for a weaker but formidable Islam enemy that is already under siege.

The Buddhist extremists have now achieved their basic object which is gaining international fame. Time magazine covered the subject and the Buddhist terrorism has been now introduced to world as a formidable power. They lured Muslim extremists to their trap and OK now its on the go full throttle.

I have one question to ask from the Buddhist extremists. Are you planning to create a bigger movement of violence manipulating state military or will you venture into terrorism of Al Qaeda type?

I pity you, I am a secular man.


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