Tapping the phone of Sri Lanka Defense Secretary

A Sri Lankan Sinhala language newspaper reported that the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Gotabhaya Rajapaksa thoroughly suspected that his phone is tapped. The Defense Secretary had told to The Sunday Divaina newspaper, as reported, that whenever he took a phone call, the signals weakened and the quality of the service dropped.

He had told to the newspaper that the foreign embassies and the high commissions had facilities to eavesdrop to the mobile phone dialogues.

The news was reported by two 'prominent' defense reporters of the newspaper Keerthi Warnakulasuriya and Norman Palihawadana.

Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Gotabhaya Rajapaksa raised the issue previously as well.

The strict Defense Secretary backs the Buddhist extremist movements like Bodu Bala Sena and he can be considered the dominant power that pushes the government towards hard and fast Sinhala line. Despite being a senior public officials who should be politically impartial, he expresses ideas openly against the 13th amendment of the constitution which paved way to power devolution.

Rajapaksa is a US-Sri Lanka dual citizen but he has stayed in Sri Lanka most of the times while Tamil Diaspora attempts to bring him and his brothers into book for the alleged war crime charges.


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