Rajapakse regime of Sri Lanka has no alternate to lousy casino business to bring FDI

Rajapakse regime, deviated from respectable foreign direct investment to give it a lifeline, seems bloody serious of making Colombo a casino hub.

For a start, a very attractive tax relief has been granted to James Packer. It is a Packer only measure and the other players lured in Packer centered casino hub will have to pay more taxes. Otherwise, we will pay it definitely with what we will earn by means of prostitution and other evil stuff.

Gone are the Buddhist extremists. They who see crocodile in each vessel if it is related to a minority nationality or religion seem seeing no evil in this lousy business. More and more racism and religious hatred will be needed for them to circumvent the blame from the government.

In my perspective, a dubious government with no international respect from less dubious world democracies, has no alternative except this type of filthy business.


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