Do Sri Lanka Cricket male officials attempt to extort from the beggar's bowl of women cricketers?

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has appointed Channa Weerakkodi as the manager of the women's cricket team.

Former women's team manager, selector and the Chairman of Umpire's Committee A.R.M. Aroos has been suspended by SLC from the posts.

Sri Lanka women's team captain Shashikala Siriwardene last week complained against Aroos over attempting to extort a part of money she earned through a TV commercial.

SLC pays far less to women cricketers than the male cricketers. While cricketers in the men's team are paid an ODI fee of 3500 US dollars, that is Rs.440,000.s, women cricketers are paid 100 US dollars which converts to Rs.12500 rupees.

Sri Lanka women's team manager ARM Aroos has resigned from all his posts connected to the women's game in the country, following the board's sanctioning of a formal inquiry against him because of a complaint made by captain Shashikala Siriwardene last week, accusing Aroos of extortion.

SLC appointed retired senior superintendent of police, Hemachandra Dias to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the matter, and he recommended to the SLC's executive committee that the board conduct a formal inquiry into the allegations.

SLC executive committee subsequently appointed a panel to carry out the inquiry, and following that Aroos submitted his resignation.


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