Is Sarath Fonseka having discussions to join the government?

(July 07, 2010, Colombo - Lanka PolitySri Lanka's Sinhala nationalist daily newspaper the Divaina reported today that an opposition party leader is discussing with a powerful government Minister to join the government.
The news story is written by a well-informed journalist Piyasena Disanayaka who has close links with political elite. He has not pointed out any name but says that a senior UNP MP is brokering the deal and having a dialogue with a senior Minister following informing the matter to the President.

Sri Lanka parliament has only three opposition parties. They are the United Nationalist Party (UNP) led by the Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) led by R. Sambanthan and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) led by ex-Army Commander and defeated Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka.

Wickramasinghe and Sambanthan have never indicated they are in a need to join the government. The journalist points out that both the UNP MP and the party leader are facing immense difficulties. Fonseka is now in custody and facing a series of judicial procedures in court martial and civil courts regarding corruption and conduct. His son-in-law is evading arrest and last week a court confiscated his bank accounts with Rs. 15 million.

The government has isolated him and targeting him individually with the aim of pushing the war veteran to kneel down before his former bosses. He has had ample pressure to understand that he will not have solace until he surrenders.

Now Fonseka has applied to register his own political party.

The brokering MP can be guessed Puttlam district MP Palitha Range Bandara who is facing threats from a local leader of his own party that severely beat him physically, immediately following the April general election. His house was also burnt down by government politicians and he is in a position that he cannot come out of the mess by being an opposition MP. He recently met the President and held secret talks.

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