Duminda Silva and his 400 pink colour shirts

(July 09, 2010, Colombo - Lanka PolityDuminda Silva is a youth MP of Sri Lanka parliament. He is the younger brother of Raynor Silva, a businessman owns several radio stations. One of these radio channel was shut due to dissemination of a wrong news regarding a terrorist attack in the home district of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Duminda Silva was a Provincial Councilor of the opposition United National Party by the time and he crossed over to the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the radio channel license was reinstated to Raynor Silva after that.

One time Duminda Silva was an accused of intimacyual abuse case. The thrilling final episode of his 'love' affair with one time Miss Sri Lanka and now Southern Provincial Councilor Anarkali Akarsha is recorded here.

Duminda Silva, in an interview with the state-owned The Dinamina Sinhala daily today said that his favourite colour is pink and he owns 400 shirts of that colour now.

We were quite interested and searched for the relationship of colour and psychology in internet. Following is an interesting search result.

Pink has a gentle stimulation of heart and blood circulation. Just as pink is nearly red, pink nearly has the affects of red, just not so radiant. It elicits simple emotions such as unselfish love, kindness and consideration. It is an emotionally soothing and calming, warming, cheerful and nurturing color that lessen the feelings of irritation and aggression by surrounding us with a sense of love. A study has even been conducted to show that pink has a subduing effect on violent prison inmates. People who enjoy wearing pink are typically affectionate, sympathetic and understanding. They often need the support of others and can often times be child-like. Pink takes on traits of red and white, therefore it is still a sensuous color while being quite innocent. This combination makes pink quite a sexual color, therefore it is self-explanatory as to why four out of thirty guys chose pink as their choice in bra color. And since it has traits of red, the most appetite stimulating of colors, five percent of people chose pink as their favorite color Jell-O.
(adopted from www.echeat.com)

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  1. What a stupidly nonsensical article that displays the authors disliking of this young politician. I have no idea who the Politician is but he seems to be popular and the author is jealous of him obviously. Get a life man. Stop writing nonsense.

  2. no value in this article. everybody knows who is Duminda Silva. we have much more important things to discuss.


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