Sri Lankan village woman Kawamma the real miracle of Somawathi

(May 17, Colombo - Lanka PolityKawamma, a 79-year-old village woman and a mother of three from Wariyapola in Sri Lanka’s Northwestern Province, is the real miracle of Somawathi, a Buddhist temple in the Eastern Province. However, she is an ordinary village woman apparently uneducated.

More than 800,000 devotees flocked in this forest-locked temple to see the body rays of Lord Buddha from the dagaba in the temple on May 09th. Torrential rains and heavy traffic jam caused a stampede in which at least three persons were dead. Over 25 persons were hospitalized and some were missing for days.

Kawamma lost contact with her group of devotees and finally lost in the jungle and survived there for eight days until two Muslim fishermen that were fishing in Mahaweli River at Sungawila found her.

She had bruises in her body but she was healthy, Police said. Police admitted her in the hospital. She said to media that she did not eat anything but drank water from puddles and roamed chanting Buddhist ‘Gatha’.
The woman told the police she survived in jungle without any food for eight days drinking only water. She is a resident of the address Netiya, Malagane, Nuwarakanda, Wariyapola in the Kurunegala district.


  1. Normally Hindus who observe "Kantha Sashti Viratham" fast on only 'limited' amount of water for six days. I have personally observed this fasting period for many consecutive years.

    This is similar BUT due to circumstances.

  2. There is no miracle here, a woman of her age and physical strength can servive for at least 30 days without food, but not water. Water consumed from puddles may cause KUB infections.

  3. 加油-不論如何都期待您的新發表! ........................................


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