Jaffna railway station that reads the story of the history of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka

(November 01, Colombo - Lanka Polity) These photos depict the present situation of the Jaffna railway station in the Tamil dominated Northern Province Jaffna peninsula in Sri Lanka.

The rulers now say that they will reconstruct the northern railway line from Vavuniya to Kankesanthurai and public donations are also sought in this purpose. Now, almost all the TV channels telecast an advertisement stating that a fund had been launched to raise funds from people to rebuild the northern railway line to Jaffna and to repair 27 railway stations.

On 9th of January 1985,  Tamil rebels fighting for the right of self-determination bombed Yal Devi killing 11 civilians. Northern railway line dilapidated due to decades old war and needs complete reconstruction to ply the famous 'Yal Devi' train to Jaffna beyond Thandikulam where the journey ends now.

However, railway lines as well as many other things are needed to restore the romantic, peaceful and joyful ride from Colombo to Jaffna. The rulers that now focus their attention to reconstruct the railway line must also understand the need for integrating the Tamils that dominate the Northern Province to the state of Sri Lanka formed in unitary style by British colonials. After militarily defeating the Tamils' violent fight for rights, the government shuns political dialogues on the ethnic problem and invests lavishly on reconstruction of the economic infrastructure. It appears expecting to militarily eradicate the Tamils' struggle for national rights, a strategy that has not thrived so far anywhere in the world in modern times even through genocides.It is yet to see if the government can succeed in economic development alone in the sense of wiping out the ethnic differences.






  1. If more than 50% of the ethnic Tamils can live with other races outside of the Northern-Province, why the hell the Sri Lanka government needs to apply special rules and regulations to accommodate minority portion of Tamil population just in the Northern-Province. The minorities need to learn how to live with majorities and vice verse. This is a two-way process.

  2. Agreed, no special rights for minorities in their areas, this is what Tamils have been asking, they are saying no one else can buy land in north east province except Tamils.
    Tamils seems to be asking for special favors for a long time in Sri Lanka. But they forget that they are minority eg. it is like latinos in US asking for special rights (not equal rights) that give them special place regardless the ability to speak english.
    Now dont get me wrong, Tamils do need a lot of help, especially after they were cheated by the LTTE for almost 3 decades.
    Also the tamils outside of the country seems to think sri lanka is still some colonial country that services UK. They wish for a time they were treated special. But remember the LTTE was also a freedom movement to liberate tamils from the vicious discrimination of these so called servant tamils of English man .

  3. To be fare i m against all discrimination incl. ethnic.

    1. Biggest problem in Sri lanka is Over Population for very limited amount of resources.
    Ideal population for SL would be about 3 - 4 million ppl.

    Solution: 1 x child policy as in China. this shall be applied to whole South Asia.

    2. Sl shall be for all lankans no matter which ethnic origin.

    3. Tamils in Sl need to learn live with others, amoung others learning the main language of the country & viceversa could be a solution.

    Another possibility would be to make english compulsory.
    4. SL Govt.: Despite all short commings SL Govt. has performed outstandingly.
    Fought an uphill battle & won against all odds the freedom for tamils & other Lankans.

    There is No price tag for this nobel mission by present Govt.
    5. western powers have always used the divisions such as in SL for their favor.
    While using HR as a smoke screen they keep practising " Neo colonism"

    Fact is they profit immensly from these conflicts.
    Otherweise to whom will they sell their armas.
    Poor countries need more & more help.
    so the rich can stay rich for long.
    6. then we have those traitors like Ranil Ponna who will sell the country for a Rotty.
    7.Right now something serious is "coocking" in US with regarding general fonsekas visit to US.
    Ranil is trying all his best with the " friends" of SL to get into power, no matter how damaging this to SL is.
    8. Winning the hard won war was a results of the team work of SL President + defence Sec. & our beloved armed forces .


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