Father of street drama of Sri Lanka bids farewell today

(November 01, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Gamini Hattottuwegama, the pioneer of Sri Lanka's street drama bids farewell to the nation this evening.

Hattottuwegama was a university don that excelled in English literature who could easily maintain the elite status in the middle class society but he came to street and remained there till his death.

In a time most of the talented artistes in Sri Lanka were bought and deployed at their service by the political elite, Hattottuwegama escaped from their hands and passed away without self-tarnishing his image.

He introduced a new art form in drama that was the birth place for many a actors in Sri Lanka. They have left Hattottuwegama on street long time ago, but they continue the inappropriate street drama style in television probably for the amusement of the fallen great man.


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