Rabies among elephants in Sri Lanka

(September 24, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Veterinary doctors of Sri Lanka have identified two elephants that were infected by rabies. This is the first time the decease was identified among elephants, said Sri Lanka's virology research institute chief Ochala Wimalaratna addressing a seminar held yesterday.

The infected elephants are tamed ones that live in Colombo municipal limits, she said.

Sri Lanka is among the ten leading countries in the world that report highest death rates from human rabies and animal bites requiring post-exposure treatment. Dogs are the main reservoir and transmitters of rabies in Sri Lanka.

Each year a total of about 75 human deaths are reported on the island, according to WHO reports. 


  1. Another glorious victory for animal rights as per the Chinthanaya.

  2. Dear JACK

    Your mum got HIV because of Chinthanaya. Umba Hukahan

  3. Lalith, thank you for confirming my view of the so-called "animal lovers" of this country.

  4. Boys boys, mind your language. This is nothing to do with the Chintanaya or Animal Rights of mothers with HIV or that activity described in the Huka word. Rabies is very prevalent in our motherland. You only need to go to Parliament or a Cabinet meeting to know that. Why should elephants be exempt?


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