Israel will learn a good lesson if it attacks Iran, says state-owned newspaper of Sri Lanka

(September 24, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Israel will learn a good lesson if it attacks Iran, says the editorial of Sri Lanka's state-owned Sinhala daily Dinamina newspaper.

The newspaper that propagates the foreign policy of Sri Lanka charged that the recent statements of Israel officials to attack Iran is the voice of US.

Pointing out that the President of Iran will never surrender to US, the editorial says that both Israel as well as US must understand that the world forcing are uniting to respond the malicious attitudes of US.

The editorial also explains that US economy is run with money borrowed from China and Israel depends on aids of US. This paradigm will change if Israel is attacked, says The Dinamina.


  1. Now that our all conquering Heroic Armed Forces have a bit of free time we should offer to send our military to help guard our bosom friend Iran and their President with the Unpronounceable Name. When the world knows that we are stationed in Iran, Obama and Netanyahu will wet their pants, which are made by our village girls. And as by this time we have imposed sanctions on the US and Israel they won’ even have a fresh change of underwear to get into. Hah! That will teach them a Good Lesson. As predicted in this news item.


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