Was the people's struggle betrayed?

Sources say that Ranil Wickramasinghe has cut a deal with Mahinda Rajapaksha early morning on January 09th for a 'peaceful transition.'

It is the government not taking action against Mahinda regime's corruptions and the opposition United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) guaranteeing parliamentary majority support to Ranil in return.

It is true that the parliamentary majority support is a must for the 100 day programme. But, should it be at such great cost? You are paying with people's interests of punishing the corrupt politicians so as such malpractices may not recur in future.

President Maithreepala and Chandrika must work to muster support of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) instead of this kind of deals.

Meanwhile, there is plan to appoint Mahinda as MP to replace Malini Fonseka. The next step is appointing him as Prime Minister to upset the government.

We said earlier that Ranil is having a dinner party with table manners with a savage and end up in the stomach of the latter.

While the new President addresses the nation in Kandy, Mahinda has organized a massive meeting in his fortress in Madamulana. They are planning to come to streets in Colombo against the new government in the coming weeks.

There must not be such deals in the struggle for democracy and freedom. The corrupt politicians must be brought into book. Nobody has right to hide 'files'.

People must take to street to press the government to do this.


  1. There is no deal between Ranil & MR. Ranil helped MR for a peaceful transition which prevented a possible coup. MR should lose the power of SLFP and that is happening right now. In fact it is a part of the strategy. Wickramabahu said clearly that the amulet MR holds has no power but the public. MR better follow the rules and get rid off "Bamunu Matha" if he wants to remain in politics.

  2. I like if MR come back to the Parliament. He will have to answer for allegations during his time.The Parliament is the best platform to do so. Anyhow, he is a better lawmaker than Kamala Akka or Malini Akka. So let him come.


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