What a country do we live: HIV father rapes daughter infecting her with HIV

Sri Lanka police children's and women's bureau has arrested an AIDS patient for seducing his underage daughter and spreading the deadly decease to the girl.

The man, a mason by profession, is a 40 year old father of three children. He has raped his own daughter who is 16 years old two times in 2013 when her mother was not at home.

The mother is also HIV positive. The couple was taking medicine from the Colombo National Hospital without informing the children.

The girl had rash on her body and the suspicious girl visited hospital. She was tested HIV positive.

The suspect has been arrested at his house in Negambo and he is to be produced in court for rape of a minor.


  1. Please recheck. This was published in Divaina and we all know about Divaina.


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