No limit to anti-Muslim attacks in Sri Lanka. Nolimit fashion store in Panadura set ablaze

I visited the Nolimit fashion store in Panadura two months ago. It was a beautiful and cosy place. I thought the sophisticated shop could be another high priced premise but it was not so much like that. I bought a nice and unique leather belt from them for Rs. 1200.

A friend of mine that lives in Panadura told me that the other clothing businessman were jealous of Nolimit since it attracted the city fashion goers with its ultra modern facilities like ample parking space and electric elevators. I have never stopped in Panadura to by clothes before Nolimit was opened and definitely it attracted visitors from outside.

However, this Nolimit fashion store was set ablaze early hours this morning. The reason is nothing but it belonged to Muslims. Buddhist terrorists are suspected for the carnage. The government will not act against them as it has not acted so far.

Unlike the comparatively smaller businesses in Dharga Town, this network of clothing stores must be insured. Who owns the insurance company? Are they too Muslims?


  1. Para you are correct. No Limits Fashion Bug are enterprises gradually built and modernised to serve the growing demand of customers who need quality goods at reasonable price with enjoyable shopping experience where you can select what you want leisurely. This is a thing inevitably going to happen in Sri Lanka. In west it happened. The corner stores that used to be run by “Sudda” fellow are now run by Asian or other migrants.

    In Kiribathgoda town minority person is not only cannot open a shop but also Sinhala person cannot have Tamil words on their board. Even JVP was not able to display the name in Tamil in Kiribathgoda party branch. But you find No Limit types of super market have emerged belonged to Sinhala mudalalis in that area.
    Rivalries emerged among them and resulted in killing individuals, Now after Mervins move to that area underworld keep the rivalry under control.

    Bodu Balu Sena is the vocal expression of the decaying entrepreneurship mostly represented by the backward family businesses inherited , by children or run as side businesses by Xs (I have long list). And also new Sinhala merchant clan who do not find much opportunities for their market.

    In fact it was Veera Vidhana that was initiated by these groups. It started during the UNP government. It got Cyril Mathew’s blessings. Now BBS gets the blessing of Gota. It was Tamil that time limited the opportunities for Sinhala merchants now it is Muslims.

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