Hail Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, but prevention is better than cure

Today's The Island newspaper reported in its lead news that the government had decided to rebuild the property in Beruwala electorate damaged in communal violence mid June.

According to reports, the government has allocated Rs. 200 million public money for this and Army is to provide labor free of charge.

Yesterday's reports said that the Army had already stationed in Aluthgama to start work today. 

Here are some interesting excerpts from The Island story:

"Racial violence would only strengthen the hands of those conspirators who had been pushing for war crimes probe targeting the country, he added.

Anyone with an iota of love for the country, wouldn’t attack another community, the Defence Secretary said..................

......................... "Give me just one reason why we should cause chaos as the country is heading for national elections. Having won every election, except the first Northern Provincial Council polls last September, there is absolutely no reason for the government to dig its own grave," the Defence Secretary said. "Give me one reason why the government wants to antagonize its coalition partners." 

In fact, the Defense Secretaries views are laudable although they came late. He must know that the racists that incited communal disharmony at Aluthgama have used his name to cover. Media alleged that the Defense Secretary was behind them. Be it right or wrong, the Bodu Bala Sena manipulates it for its safety. No action seems pending against the organization despite loads of complaints against it about hate speech and violence.

Ruling a country is not only trying to remedy the problems after they worsened, perhaps thanks to pressure. Wise politicians stem problems at the root. Prevention is better than cure.

The Rs. 200 million hard earned public money could be used to improve infrastructure in these areas if mobs had failed. Unfortunately, the racists were successful.


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