Why is arresting Kurunegala principal important in education

The principal and the victim
The special police investigation team of Sri Lanka Child Protection Authority arrested the principal of Sir John Kotalawala College of Kurunegala for child abuse.The principal was later granted bail by court.

The principal was accused of cruelty against a girl student of his school over a photo in Facebook that ultimately led the depressed girl commit suicide.

The principal was arrested over abusing the child mentally and verbally.

Fifteen persons have given evidence to the special police unit of Child Protection Authority over the mental and verbal abuse and humiliation done by the principal against the child.

The police unit said that the principal had been arrested after thoroughly studying the evidence.

This arrest can be considered historic in the pretext most of the inhuman acts of the school teachers and principals go unheeded in the so called respect to the teaching profession. The teachers and principals must be discouraged of physical and mental torture against children which they unleash in the guise of discipline.

First and foremost, the teachers and principals must be directed to respect the rights of the children. The dignity of the child must never be underestimated.

The school eventually must be a place where love and care prevails. 


  1. අයිසේ para, well said, cool post mister. However, do you really believe that combination of love and care will work for each and every pupil? I don’t think so, some special cases may require special treatment. I didn’t mean any physical harassment, but some punishment to correct them. Having professional psychologist in school might benefit to both teaches and students. Anyway, what is the secret behind comment moderation?


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