Assault charges against Sri Lanka major opposition economist MP withdrawn

A photo of the MP which created controversy among Buddhists
Sri Lanka major opposition United National Party (UNP) MP Harsha de Silva announced that the complaint against him over assault had been withdrawn by the plaintiff.

He said that the plaintiff had to withdraw the complaint since his conscience appealed him and there was an attempt to sling mud on the MP's image based on this incident.

A driver of a medical doctor lodged a complaint against the UNP MP over assaulting on January 26.

The plaintiff said that the MP hit him on his head after a verbal exchange as he was cleaning a garden adjacent to a property of the MP in Colombo. After that a security guard of the MP slapped on his face, he said, for which he sought treatment.

Later the MP has tried to settle the issue and the victim said to media in tearful eyes that he was sorry since people's representatives behaved like that.

The MP now said to media that the driver spoke to him insolently.

Government MPs naturally enjoy respect thanks to state powers they have. If Opposition MPs want to earn the real respect of the people, they must be decent first.


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