Find your car rescue data sheet

This blog helps you to find your car's rescue card or the emergency services cards.

Select and download the relevant card. Then print it, fold it and keep it under the sun visor of the car like this.

I wish you all an accident-free trip and hope that your new rescue card will never be needed.

Active and passive security systems are built into modern vehicles, which makes everything much safer than in the past. Active safety systems include ABS (antilock brake system), TCS (traction control system), and ESC (electronic stability control). Passive safety systems are there to minimize the consequences of an accident. Airbags, seat belt tensioners, and side-impact protection are just a few examples of these. The passenger compartments have also become more stable through the use of very sturdy construction materials and special profile forms.When an accident occurs, it can be a serious problem for the rescue team who need to reach the victims quickly,when the autos can’t be opened as in the past. The rescue tools that the fire department brings are sometimes useless against the new vehicle materials, and rescuers are dependent on accurate information, in order to find a technique for solving the problem. Airbags are often stored in different locations, due to the various companies’ methods of building vehicles. Since only the airbags needed in a crash are activated, the airbags that are not activated can be a potential problem during the rescue, if the fire department rescue tools were to damage the gas cartridges

The brand, the type of document and last update is mentioned in the list.

Rescue Data Sheet8/2013
Alfa RomeoRescue Data Sheet8/2013
AudiApplication Sheet6/2013
BMW/MiniRescue Map1/2013
ChevroletVehicle Data Sheet5/2013
ChryslerRescue Data Sheet3/2010
CitroenRescue Data Sheet4/2012
CS-ReisemobileRescue Card1/2013
DaciaRescue Data Sheet4/2013
DaihatsuRescue Data Sheet5/2011
Dethleffs (Wohnmobil)Rescue Map11/2013
DodgeRescue Data Sheet3/2010
e-wolfRescue Card1/2013
FiatRescue Data Sheet8/2013
Fiat TransporterRescue Data Sheet8/2013
FordRescue Data Sheet8/2013
HondaRescue Data Sheet7/2013
HyundaiRescue Data Sheet1/2013
InfinitiRescue Data Sheet06/2012
IsuzuRescue Data Sheet9/2012
JaguarRescue Data Sheet2/2012
JeepRescue Data Sheet3/2012
KarabagRescue Card6/2012 
KiaRescue Data Sheet10/2012
LadaRescue Card12/2010
LanciaRescue Data Sheet8/2013
Land RoverRettungsblätter3/2013
LexusRescue Data Sheet6/2011
LuisRescue Card1/2013
MazdaRescue Card1/2013
MaybachRescue Card PKW9/2012
MercedesRescue Card PKW9/2012
MitsubishiRescue Data Sheet2/2013
PDF, 10 MB
Rescue Data Sheet7/2013
OpelRescue information5/2013
PeugeotRescue Data Sheet4/2012
PorscheRescue Data Sheet7/2012
RenaultRescue Data Sheet5/2013
SaabRescue information6/2010
SeatApplication Sheet for Accident Rescue Card8/2013
SkodaGuide Rescue and Recovery7/2013
SmartRescue Card PKW9/2012
Ssang YongRescue Data Sheet4/2013
SubaruInformation for rescue services2/2013
SuzukiRescue Card2/2012
TeslaRescue Card11/2013
PDF, 334 kB
Rescue Card4/2011
ToyotaRescue Data Sheet5/2013
VWRescue Data Sheet6/2013
VolvoRescue Data Sheet12/2012


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