Sri Lanka's Udugama police violate human rights of a man who violated animal rights

When I watched this video, I recalled the past I was taken like this in police and military vehicles hands and legs bound and pushed under the seats in 1989. There was nobody to talk about my rights except ICRC.

 I am lucky that I am alive but many that were taken like this simply disappeared. Some were even tied to vehicles alive and dragged.

Today in Sri Lanka there are so many people to represent the rights of cattle but no other animal. When they see a crocodile, often they harass it like a criminal and kill. They harass the elephants like this throughout their lives and think its pious.

The way this cow was transported to the slaughter house was clear violation of animal right. But the end result is no different even it is transported in a SUV.

My point is can the police harass a man, beat him with bamboo sticks and force him to kiss the arse of the animal even if he has committed an offense?

A mob also joins with the police or perhaps the police join with the mob to harass these men right within the premises of Udugama police station.

These police officers are engaged in clear violation of human rights.


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