Solution for religious hatred

There are enough temples, churches and kovils etc. in this world.

Therefore ban construction more.

That is one solution for the situation.

A permanent solution for the religious hatred is giving up religion.

Follow me men, I blog for it.


  1. "Like the limitations on many other institutes in civil society, religious institutes should also be regulated. It should not be free to start a place of worship anywhere. Limitations should apply based on location. Limitations on kinda events they can organize. But this should apply to temples too. Buddhists should first give in their supremacy thinking and let their religion regulated. Those who still die hard on "SL is a buddhist country" I wish to show you the pay of maintaining the same. As long as you keep buddhism above law, all other religions also get their freedom to rise above law at places they matter. If Buddhists fear the country falling into islamic fundamentalism and their population growth, they should make the system lesser dependent on religions, which includes theirs. Let me give some examples of kinda regulations needed. Mosques, neo-christian churches and temples make horrible noises to outsiders. They should be at a significant distance away from other buildings. Hindu kovils make horrible scenes in their perahera - they should have different routes to what public use. Mosques and buddhist temples cause traffic blocks, they should not have access from main roads etc. Simply we're talking about civilizing the country from pathetic primitiveness, supremacy and "don't-care-how-you-feel-because-this-is-our-culture" p-o-v that religions still retain."

    -A comment in Facebook


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