Tours in and out of Sri Lanka to bargain amendments to the 13th amendment

Sri Lanka Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapakse, the younger brother of President Mahinda Rajapakse, will tour in India this week to make aware the Indian government regarding the amendments mooted to the 13th amendment to the constitution.

Minister Basil Rajapaksa will leave for India on July 04 and he will stay there until July 07, government sources say.

Government sources say that the Minister will meet the Prime Minister Manmohan Sing, Foreign Minister Salman Kurdish, Foreign Secretary Ranjith Mathai and other senior leaders of the Indian government.

Meanwhile, Indian National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon will also arrive in Sri Lanka on July 07.

All tours in and tours out are focused to the proposed amendments to the 13th amendment of the constitution.

Sri Lanka government has planned to take back the powers devolved to the Provincial Councils introduced under the influence of the Indian government in 1988. 


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