Kneeling down drama in Sri Lanka's Northwestern Province continued

Sri Lanka's Puttalam Magistrate Ranga Disanayaka today cancelled the bail of the notorious former councilor of the Northwestern Provincial Council Ananda Sarath Kumara who is accused of harassing a school teacher within the school premises.

The magistrate ordered Ananda Sarath Kumara be remanded until August 08 for violating bail conditions.

A complaint was lodged last week by the husband of the harassed school teacher against him the Provincial Councilor for making statements threatening to his wife and the family.

The politician himself had also lodged a complaint for the future safety.

Provincial Councilor Ananda Sarath Kumara was remanded and later bailed out since he made a female teacher of Navagattegama Navodya School right inside the school premises for punishing his daughter.

Media followed up the incident and created a series of news centering the politician and the teacher. The teacher recently denied the media reports that she would address the opposition political rallies in case the politico is granted nomination to contest the election from the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance.

The politico himself seems thrilled with the national level publicity he gained from this incident and he is trying to invest it for a victory at the next election. He is most likely to be granted ruling alliance nomination and no wonder if he wind the election with a a huge margin of preferential votes.


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