A blog blocked in Sri Lanka for the first time

For the first time in Sri Lanka in my perception, the government has blocked access to a blog in the country.

The blog is AnverManatunga.com which apparently is run by a Sinhala Muslim person.

The blog is written mainly in Sinhala language and it was discussing a lot of controversial issues.

The major focus of the blog was safeguarding Muslim rights and promoting Islam.In the recent times, the blog was highly critical on the government.

The blogger Ahmad Anver Manatunga says that the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission contacted via his lawyers has informed him that the blog was blocked under an order of the Ministry of Defense.


  1. Is it that much a problem to block a blog leading to terrorism? Why do you defend Islam Fundamentalism? it's worse than LTTE terrorism.

  2. This is not a Blog in anyway....
    This is a Website.....

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