Sri Lankan cinema actor Ranjan Ramanayaka speaks up for Sri Lankan housemaids in Saudi

Popular Sri Lankan actor Ranjan Ramanayaka delivered an excellent speech in the parliament on May 07, 2013.

I do not consider Ramanayaka as a worthy actor but his political carrier has some value due to his long standing struggle for the rights of the Sri Lankan expatriate workers in Middle east.

Addressing the debate on the no-confidence motion against Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion Dilan Perera over the government's failure to save the life of housemaid Rizana Nafeek, Ramanayaka said that all who voted in the parliament in favor of the government were guilty of this assassination.

Rizana Nafeek was beheaded by Saudi government for an alleged killing of an infant she was looking after there after migrating illegally under a forged passport while being an underage girl of 17. But the Saudi government claimed that Rizana was an adult according to the passport issued by Sri Lanka government.

The ruling coalition signal post MPs defeated the no-confidence motion. Ramanayaka said that all who voted in favor of the motion had hand in the murder.


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