Sri Lanka Muslim leader Azath Sally tapping the door of the jail

Azath Sally, a leader of a small Muslim party of Sri Lanka has been arrested. He is accused of saying that the Muslim youth must take up arms, according to pro-Sinhala media.

Sally is a man who broke away from the regime due to personal dissatisfaction over power. People like him will have to go to jail to serve further to the regime to terrify others who want to be too brave to break away.

He is near the threshold of being jailed under draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act while the Buddhist monks and others who broke Muslim shops in public are enjoying immunity publicly.

Perhaps, this may be another chance for Sally to build up the identity as the saviour of Muslims, an identity he is trying hard to achieve. Few months in jail will pay him back with power which he will be able to use to bargain with Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, United National Party or the regime itself, who knows. He is a substantial opportunist.

Meanwhile, the major Muslim party Sri Lanka Muslim Congress sources say that the party supreme committee meeting that will be held on May 07 would be a decisive one since a powerful group of people's representatives of the party are forcing the SLMC leadership to leave the government coalition.

A breakaway may cause a sever imbalance of power in the Eastern Provincial Council.

However, another group of people's representatives say that the SLMC must be patient and stay in the government coalition further, the party sources say.

We predict that the party will stay with the regime. Whatever difficulty may the Muslims in the country face, the bigwig agents of the government in the party will do their duty of fastening the outfit to the regime. Expect a severe warning! False. 


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