Rice production and consumption gone up in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Anuradhapura Post Harvest Technology Institute points out that the per capita rice consumption has increased.

D.P.C. Swarnasiri, the Additional Director Research and Technology Promotion of the Post Harvest Technology Institute pointed out that the per capita annual consumption of rice was 86.80 kilos by 1973. By 2010, the annual per capita rice consumption has increased to 116 kilos.

The rice production has also increased during the period considered. In 1973, the rice production in the country was at 1.315 million metric tons.

By 2010, the country's rice production increased upto 4.301 million metric tons.

The official said that the rice production in 2012 was 4,200,000 metric tons and it exceeded the domestic consumption by 13%.

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  1. Do you know that rice production of "Maha kannaya" year 2002 was rxceeded the domestic rice consumption, aiso without the "pohora sahanadharaya" happehed the 1st time in the sri lanka histry.


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