Sri Lanka foreign policy pendulum swings from India to China this time

(May 21, 2011,  Lanka Polity) As soon as the official visit to India ended without apparent success, Sri Lanka Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris will leave for an official tour in China on May 23.

The Foreign Minister's tour is on an invitation of his counterpart in China, Sri Lanka Ministry of External Affairs say.

Minister Peiris is to have bilateral talks with the Foreign Minister of China and other senior politicians and officials during his two day visit.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the Minister wished to raise the issues pertaining to the UN panel report on Sri Lanka at these discussions.

Same facts were reported in advance to the Foreign Minister's tour in India but the statements at the end of the tour lacked what the government aimed regarding the 'Darusman' report.

Sri Lanka's pendulum behavior of  swinging between India and China is symbolized through this tour. The foreign policy of the island nation seemed to be manipulating the interests of these two countries in relation to the Indian Ocean.

If you do not support us, we will go to your enemy is Sri Lanka's foreign policy. The defeated Tamil rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) also dis the same in between Europe and US.

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