Non academic staff of Sri Lanka's universities warns to strike

(May 27, 2011,  Lanka PolityWhile the struggle of Sri Lanka's university teachers is dragging without a solution, the non-academic staff of the universities also threatened strike action unless their demands are granted within a fortnight.

R.M. Chandrapala, the Chairman of the Inter University Trade Union Federation (IUTUF) said that the executive committee of the federation that represents 10 trade unions came to this decision recently.

He said that the decision of the IUTUF was informed to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Minister of Higher Education S.B. Disanayaka, the secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Sunil Jayantha Nawarathna and the Chairman of the University Grants Commission Gamini Samaranayaka in writing.

The trade union official said that the Minister of Higher Education S.B. Disanayaka breached the promise to the university non academic staff to grant the promised other half of the salary increase that was given in 2007 after a strike.

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