Isolated open dwelling places for the stray dogs of Sri Lanka

(May 27, 2011,  Lanka PolitySri Lanka's health authorities have planned to establish isolated open dwelling places for the stray dogs.

The first of such canine dwelling grounds is to be established in a two acre land in Anuradhapura for the stray dogs in the area.

The government says it has stopped execution of stray dogs as a policy and spends around Rs. 200 million per annum for sterilization programmes for dogs.

Sri lanka Ministry of Health says that 2000 to 2500 dog bites are reported everyday in Sri Lanka. Most of these dog bites are treated in government hospitals and a single vaccination costs Rs. 30,000 for the government.

The cost for treatment for dog bites cost Rs. 500 million to the public coffers.

Sri Lanka's dog population is believed 2.5 million and the majority of them are stray dogs.

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