Protest mounting against 18th amendment to the constitution of Sri Lanka

New UNP parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara is the latest in the line up to strengthen the hands of the Rajapaksas
(September 04, 2010, Colombo - Lanka PolityNo valid argument is available to prove that the 18th amendment to the constitution of Sri Lanka will not further the draconian powers of the executive President at which the incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa as well frowned before he tasted the sweet fruit of power accumulation.

The naked truth behind the Rajapaksa regime's ability in mustering parliamentary two third majority is sheer selfishness and disregard of democratic principles by the so-called representatives of people. If there is any politically valid argument in what they state, that is the long lasting love of Sri Lankan polity to have the toughest dictator to rule or overrule themselves. No wonder many corrupt people also say Sri Lanka needs the kind of laws in Islamic countries to discipline the society. We will have wait and see till they wake up to the reality of their dream.

The supporters of the amendments to strengthen the hold of Rajapaksa's immediate family must leave out the words such as democracy and they can talk openly what they gain and what the people will be given through this move. There are too many greedy elements in the highest echelon of Sri Lankan politics and the people who yearn for absolute power will no sooner suffer. Losing power will be extremely painful in this context. No one can hold on permanently and no one have done so, so far in the history.

However, while the major opposition United National Party (UNP) leadership fails to maintain the collective unity and discipline of even the freshest parliamentarians, the People's Liberation (JVP), the leftists and activists are getting together to muster isolated protest to the draconian amendments to the constitution.

"People's Delegate Conference will be organized to protest against the dictatorial 18th Amendment to the Constitution on Monday, 6th September 3.30 pm onwards at Jayewardene Centre, Colombo-7" said the convener of the delegate conference Attorney Sudarshana Gunawardana.

Leaders of the political parties including UNP, JVP, Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Left Front, United Socialist Party, Democratic People's Party will address the conference.

Trade Unionists and the leaders of the civil society including the Platform for Freedom will also address the conference.

JVP is organizing a massive protest against the constitutional amendments on September 07. Leftists, activists and civil society protest is scheduled on September 08, the day the government has planned to pass the bill.

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