Sri Lanka cabinet's Kilinochchi show and the message delivered to Tamils

(July 15, 2010, Colombo - Lanka PolitySri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa held a meeting of his cabinet in Kilinochchi in the heart of the former rebel-held territory sitting comfortably in Kilinochchi headquarters of the security forces in close proximity to Iranawila reservoir on which late Tiger theoretician Anton Balasingham landed the sea plane he was travelling from Maldives. The venue of the meeting was also the headquarters of the Tamil Tigers' proud air wing that one time was a nightmare to Colombo dwellers. .

In the recent past several cabinet meetings were held outside Colombo in most of the occasions when the President was in election propaganda.

The cabinet meeting of Kilinochchi is not one like that. It is a show of power, supremacy and also Sinhala nationalist domination over the subjugation of Tamil nationalist struggle. Therefore. it is worth to the President and to the Sinhala nationalists, despite whatever the cost of this show to the taxpayer.

On the other hand, this show may alienate Tamils further from the Sri Lanka government. No wonder if they despise this act that mock at the resettled people that struggle to build up their lives with several tin roofing sheets and wooden poles. They are in short of very basic amenities. Around 40,000 more IDPs are still to be resettled.

The message delivered by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet is that the central government is in Kilinochchi as well and no power devolution arrangements will come to effect.

Diaspora Tamils may deny to accept what is offered by the Sri Lanka government. But, is there any other alternative for the Tamils living in this land?

What we lack in this kind of politics is what we need most. It is an honest approach for reconciliation.

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  1. The writer is correct in assessing the situation.
    IF the country and its people are to move as a united “nation” then the “present” system of governance must be changed. It must be a system where the “people” will directly govern themselves and the country.
    The power of “governance” must be spread throughout the country and be not concentrated in Colombo.
    Devolution of Powers will NOT benefit the people but “dilution” of powers would certainly benefit he people. Let the YOUTH be made aware of this concept for the progress of the country and the people living therein.
    "In a civilized society, the people must be empowered to directly participate in the governance of the country and the best way for the people to empower themselves is, a system of governance that would address the problems faced by various sections of the society - particularly the poor, the politically weak and the various categories of “minorities” who do not carry any “political weight” - would be to DILUTE the powers of all elected representatives of the people by separating the various powers of the Parliament and by horizontally empowering different sets of people’s representatives elected on different area basis to administer the different sets of the separated powers at different locations and thus throughout the country (a small fraction of the Parliament with defined powers and duties functions in each and every village, division, district and region)".

    One of the root causes for the emergence of “terrorism” is the non-consideration of the genuine grievances of sections of society by the “democratically” elected governments.. In my humble opinion “true democracy” is practiced by the direct participation of a large number of persons in the “governance” of the country by giving due recognition to the aspirations of the people to develop and safeguard their life and their area of living.

    If we want to defeat separatism finally, the state has to broad base itself, turning all communities into shareholders. Everyone’s collective identities have to be respected. The state must be a neutral umpire between communities. If not, and we want it to give umpiring decisions in favour of the majority, we can expect attempts to resist and secede, and we will be discredited in the world so said Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka


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