Has Karuna or the government of Sri Lanka right to retain the houses built by displaced Muslims in Puttlam?

(July 05, 2010, Colombo - Lanka Polity)"If the Muslims displaced from Jaffna needed to resettle in their home town again, they would have to return the permanent buildings they have constructed (in the long term refugee camps they lived)."

Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman, ex-Eastern Commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) 'terrorist' movement and now the Deputy Minister of Resettlement said to Sri Lanka’s Sinhala nationalist Divaina newspaper yesterday.

In 1990, the LTTE, in which Karuna Amman was a leader, ethnically cleansed the Muslims out of Jaffna and other areas in Northern Province that was under their rein.

The Deputy Minister said that 36,963 Muslim families were displaced from Northern and Eastern Provinces and 16,196 families of them have been resettled now.

What an irony the same terrorists that ousted these Muslims from their homes and robbed their belongings are now resettling them. But the Tamil racist minds appear to exist unchanged for the worse united with the Sinhala chauvinism.

These Muslims displaced almost two decades ago and lived in these places for a generation. Their lives are now inseparably entangled with the social fabric of the areas they have been living for decades. They built these houses amidst so much hardship. Don't they have a right to those houses? They have inalienable rights for houses they lived in Jaffna. Can the government or the ex-LTTEers lay conditions for them to retain their property?

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