Sri Lanka President's move to levy tax from MP's vehicle import permit is a sham

Hummer H2 off roader valued at over US$ 55,000
without duty in Sri Lanka for a VIP son
(May 28, Colombo - Lanka Polity)  Sri Lanka President has proposed to levy a tax of 18% to 20% from the parliamentarians privileged so far to import vehicles once in five years.

This proposal appears outwardly as a progressive move although it actually increases the amount of taxes the politicians can evade. On the other hand, it will also provide an argument for the rulers to rationalize increase of taxes.

The cabinet approved to increase the maximum value of a motor vehicle imported by MPs from $ 35,000 to $ 45,000.

An MP can import a vehicle that is close to the market value of Rs. 20 million in Sri Lanka. It is a public secret that many MPs sell the licence to import a vehicle tax free and pocket a handsome income scot-free.

Average citizens of Sri Lanka have to pay more than 100% tax for motor vehicles. In some instances the tax is close to 200%.

High taxes on buses cause lack of development in Sri Lanka's public transport.


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  2. Grade 8 pass politicians are given the most privileges than educated people. That is why all the brains are now settled down in the western countries. They study in Sri Lanka spending government money and then brain storm to other countries because of these politicians' stupid actions. Our country is going down the hill as the country has to feed and look after these unbearable politicians, who has only grade 8 certificate or so.

  3. President is going around the world begging financial aids.and Furthermore the budget deficit is so vast that government has no option but to tax ordinary people or to mimise expenditure to bridge the gap.As the situation is such the wasting a colossal amout of money for memebers of parliament for duty free vehicles is not ethical and and against the presient ideaa of making Sri lanak a mracle of south Asia.

  4. Allowing politicians to buy luxury vehicles tax free, while taxing ordinary citizens 200% taxes for non luxury vehicles is very unfair. Imposing heavy taxes on ordinary vehicles, make them out of reach to a ordinary citizens. Its a waste to stay in the country for a educated professional, as with the earnings he could lead a much better life in the west.

  5. These are the JRJ legacies,which are being pursued with gay abundance and it is high-time to impose restrictions on such matters as practiced in neighbouring India,the largest democracy in the region.

  6. Say 200 MP's 45,000$x200 = 9,000,000 out going from Sri Lanka. If government tax under normal condition at leaset as tax income can earn appoximatly (9 mn $x110 = 990 mn x 200% tax) 2000 mn. So think about this to spend Cath Labs for all Cardiology Units. As we know now scarcity of Cordiologist is not there problem is physical facilities such as Cath Labs. Poor people can not go for Angiogram at private hospitals. This is as an eye openner to all rulers.

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