One arm of Sri Lanka government protests UK while another arm consoles

(March 01, Colombo - Lanka Polity)  Sri Lanka government has sent one arm of the ruling coalition to protest the British government while another arm denied the government had any link with the protest.

National Freedom Front (JNP), a coalition party of Sri Lanka’s ruling alliance led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa's close ally ex-MP Vimal Weerawansa held a protest demonstration before the British High Commission of Colombo today alleging the former Colonial ruler was aiding and abetting terrorism.

Addressing a forcible protest meeting held blocking the gates of the High Commission, vociferous Weerawansa warned that the JNP would continue protests unless UK avoids anti-Sri Lankan actions like British Foreign Secretary David Miliband's attendance last week at a meeting of Global Tamil Forum.

Weerawansa's clan left the High Commission after handing in a protest letter to a High Commission official leaving a hoarding across the gate in which British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband dressed in Tamil Tiger military outfits.

British Prime Minister met the representatives of the Tamil organization following the meeting held in British Parliamentary House. The Global Tamil Forum was successful to win cross party representation from UK for the event held in support of the fight for the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils. British Foreign Ministry later defended the Foreign Secretary's action stating that it held the position of engaging with all stakeholders of the issue.

Sri Lanka accuses the Global Tamil Forum of being sympathizers of Tamil Tiger rebels that were militarily defeated last year. However, Sri Lankan authorities failed to do anything to prevent the meeting being a success with the participation of the bigwigs.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the protest was a private affair that the government had no link.

Vimal Weerawansa is running for elections from Colombo district and he needs shows to gain votes amidst a tooth and nail fight among ruling coalition candidates for re-election under the proportional representation.


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