what is the crisis in the Tamil National Alliance?

(February 25, Colombo - Lanka Polity)  Many ex-MPs of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) of Sri Lanka have not been given the opportunity to run for the elections under the ticket of the TNA. A number of those who lost nominations have become the pets of the government. But, a considerable number of MPs like Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, S. Kajendran, Pathmini Sithamparanathan, M.K. Sivajilingam and N. Srikantha etc. are denied nominations due to political reasons.

The division of the TNA is clearly on political lines. After the military debacle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE), a wide gap is being created in the Tamil polity. This is symbolically depicted as the gap between the Diaspora Tamils and the Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

Robert Templer of the International Crisis Group says, "Most in the country are exhausted by decades of war and are more concerned with rebuilding their lives under difficult circumstances than in continuing the fight for an independent state. Without the LTTE to enforce a common political line, Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka are proposing substantial reforms within a united Sri Lanka."

But the gap exists within the people that live in the island too. You might not see it and you might misunderstand it since most of the Tamil nationalists that live in the country remain silent maintaining a low profile in fear of punishment.

In fact, the present TNA leaders appear to accept something beyond the Provincial Councils and to go for co-habitation with the Colombo government under favorable conditions. The split of the TNA is actually between those who have dropped the call for self-determination of the Tamils and those who still fight for it.

Self-determination literally means cessation although it does not essentially mean a separate state. That is for what thousands of Tamils gave their lives and there can be elements in the polity that do not wish to give up the will to fight for what their brethren gave their lives. They have the right to carry on their struggle and those who wish to give up the ideals for pragmatic solutions also have the right to do so.

But, the ball still remains in the court of the Sinhalese. Do they like to engage in a dialogue and a political process with at least the Tamils that looks moderate to them while they are looked down on as submissive leaders amidst some elements of their own polity?

TNA constituents like Federal Party, EPRLF and TELO that have now grabbed the grip loosened by the LTTE are in a liberal stand and they can be expected to come to a settlement with Colombo government under a liberal capitalist framework. This can happen easily if a coalition under United National Front comes to power. Ruling United National Freedom Alliance is far backward and antagonistic to reforms.


  1. TNA is a curse to Tamils living in SL.These monggrals are dreaming fo becoming leaders of their fantacy seperate country.Is it to uplist of living standred of tamil nationals?NO...
    That is just come to power and have privelaged life the state leaders get.When Amerthalingam and their collegeg won the election did they live North.? NO
    They all shifted to Colombo and had a luxury life all the other had.Then when the next elections comes they start coming to Jaffna and mislead innocent civilians saying sinhalese politicos don't allow them to talk in the parliment.
    You TNA leaders ,Do you like to sit in the same table with all tamils.No No NO..
    So just leave us alone.In another one years time we supply food to all the south in sri lanka.
    Go away Diaspora.You go and lick ass of norwagians,Canadiams ,Australians, Britishers,
    then cheat other tamils money for the sake of war for your living.

  2. Diaspora left the country for better life and there is no right for them to look for independent Tamil land . They have become arm-chair terrorist and propagating
    Eelaam which is very much beyond their dreams. Let the Tamils suffered and lived in the country with all the odds... decided . Diaspora have too much of butter and cheese in their bread living in 1st world countries. Prabakaran and LTTE disgraced the Tamil ...we lost all the respect we had for Tamils even after 1957. 12% of Tamils can not fight with Sinhalese. Let us live in harmony. Let us find a way to live with respect. Diaspora you have given up your citizenship for your own selfish ends and your children western educated and what not.Let us live peace.

  3. If Tamil diaspora can live in western countries as minorities. Then SL Tamils who live their can find a way to respect each other and live in harmony. Important thing is to develop the SL. then all the diffrents will dissappear. As long as we have problems in the country we won't develop. This is what western rulers want. Sri Lankens have been living together for more than 500 years, even thought Brithish rule. So developing the SL together is no match to sri lankens as long as we put aside the racial prejudice and think as sri lankens.


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