The reality of rise of per capita in come of Sri Lanka

(February 23, Colombo - Lanka Polity)   Sri Lanka government has proudly announced that the per capita income has risen from $ 2200 to $2300 from 2008 to 2009.

Accordingly, if the national income is distributed equally, each Sri Lankan irrespective of age must have a share of Rs. 240,000 annual income. That simply means Rs. 20,000 monthly income and a family that has four members must earn Rs. 100,000 per month.

But the data released by the state relates a different story.

According to the Ministry of Social Security and Social Welfare, there are 350,000 recipients of concessions provided to extremely poor people of the country. This allowance is yet to be raised to Rs. 1000 a month. These people are subjected to live with 1/3 of a dollar per day.

Sri Lanka government provides 'Samurdhi' poverty concessions to low income groups. The Deputy Minister of State Revenue and Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said in the parliament on May 05, 2009 that the number of Samurdhi recipients were 1,672,159 in 2008. He further stated that by 2007, there were 452,000 families that earned less than Rs. 6283/= per month. This is well over 5% of the population of Sri Lanka. This is the social strata that is in extreme poverty. What about the lower middle class? They too complain about a miserable life due to lack of income.

Sri Lanka government can boast about the increase of per capita income. But if the income does not distribute fairly and if the disparity widens, that means a bunch of affluents in social elite have robbed the national wealth pushing the masses further in poverty.


  1. Please name a single country that the national wealth is divided equally.

  2. What a stupid article.

    2009 IMF list of Per Capita Income of the World shows USA in the 4th place with a figure of USD 46,443. It does not mean that each US American should have an annual income of USD 46,443 or a monthly income of USD 3,870.

    When someone writes with a cynical mind, it highlights the stupidity of the writer.

  3. 5% (or over) of extreme poverty is common for any developed country as well. At least SL poor has a social safety-net called samurdi and no one dies of hunger or denial of access to health facilities. Also Education is free. In that sense we are better off than US and Australia.

  4. Only in a situation like this, the national wealth of the country will be equally devided. THE COUNTRY HAS ONLY ONE PERSON.

    Please write some with newsworhy. It looks like the person who wrote this news item is a donkey.

  5. Sri lanka is a country the rich can be richer with no restriction and the ooor can be pooerer with no restriction .and the government is doing nothing take any actionsto stop this and the poor people are struglling for life



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