An environmental friendly lamp for lagoon fishermen in Sri Lanka

(February 16 Colombo - Lanka Polity)  A Sri Lankan environmental organization is introducing a new lamp for the fishermen that engage in the industry in lagoons. This new lamp is a compact florescent lamp with a rechargeable battery. It will replace the traditional kerosene lamps that consumes at least a liter of kerosene per each night.

The Negenahiru Environmental Center has already supplied around 40 such lighting units to the fresh water and lagoon fishermen in Maduganga and Madampawila in the Southern Province. Recharging units have been provided one per each four or five fishermen.

There are around 35,000 lagoon fishermen in Sri Lanka and they usually use low efficient kerosene lamps that gives dim light while emanating carbon dioxide and soot that is hazardous both environmentally and health wise. The cost for kerosene is also around Rs. 85.


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