Wijaya Godakumbura's award still not news in Sri Lanka

(December 10, Colombo - Lanka Polity)Wijaya Godakumbura' a Sri Lankan physician inspired by the deaths and mutilation of people by burns caused by unsafe kerosene lamps ran a safe bottle lamp project to win an international award for its excellence although none of Sri Lanka government, civil society and media focussed attention to him so far.

The news regarding Godakumbura's award will also be hidden from public in Sri Lanka where press is strictly controlled by the ruling regime. However, the safe bottle lamp that does not break and spill out kerosene will save more lives in unelectrified rural areas of the country..

World Challenge '09 organized by BBC has been announced after receiving over 900 nominations and a record breaking 127,800 votes from around the world.

Safe Bottle Lamp Project, from Sri Lanka, received the first prize of US$20,000 at a special ceremony held at The Hague. The 2 runners-up were also present and received US$10,000 each. They are Danamon Go-Green, form Indonesia and BTTR Ventures, from the USA.

Achim Steiner - Executive Director of UNEP was the guest speaker at this year’s ceremony. In his engaging speech he commented on the challenges facing this month’s Climate Change summit in Copenhagen and welcomed the winners of this year’s competition.


  1. I am happy to see this news as I also voted for Dr. W.Godakumbura s Bottle lamp project challenge. But I wonder to see, the news in Sri Lanka is hidden because of press is strictly controlled by ruling regime.Is this comment not politicaly motivated?

  2. Our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Godakumbura

    It gives us pleasure to note that it is the second time a Sri Lankan entry has won this in only 5 years running. I hope to see more innovative and creative Sri Lankan entries in the program in future.

    In 2006 Mr. Thusitha Ransinghe won this prestigious award. His papermaking firm Maximus, makes high-quality paper products from a variety of wastes, including elephant dung, used paper from offices and bark from banana trees.

    Mohammed M. Marikar

  3. congregation
    Can you remember me Mrs Godakumbura
    Sunil Rajapakse

  4. Mohammed Marikar, My friend, thank you for that beautiful piece of news, I didn't know Thusitha won the award in 2006, although I voted for him and forwarded email like you guys did as well.
    But is he doing anything? I saw a project similar to that at Elephant Orphanage last month but I don't think it has anything to do with Thustha.
    Lanka Polity's news on the other hand is ugly. SL news media is not controlled by the state. Most private TV channels are vehemently anti-government. What they lack is 'usefulnes'. The people who run them or those who work are not well educated or knowledgeble. They only copy trash programmes from western media and call them entertainmentsimply for popularity and cash. There is no room for innovation or skills.

  5. http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?mode=head&nid=27

    Only site where i could find this news article


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