Sri Lanka President criticizes open economy and Western culture

(December 05, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Addressing the annual prize giving ceremony of Sanghamitta College, a leading girls' school in Southern Province capital Galle, Sri Lanka President said that the future generation should determine to sort out the ill effects of the open economy and Western culture to defend themselves from them. He also said that certain persons behold the country based on foreign attitudes and added that the education system that aimed at producing locals that think like imperialists was accountable for this. 

Sri Lanka President said that certain politicians are in the need of portray the nation as the world's worst country despite it has many good people that perform good deeds.He emphasized that there was no place like in heaven anywhere in the world and everybody has duty to work for a better society understanding the social differences and injustice. 

The President has called for an early presidential to extend his term by eight more years trading the war victory this year. However, he is facing a sharp competition as his ex-Army Commander is contesting the presidential as the opposition common candidate. Government politicians argue that Fonseka is backed by Western states that want to topple Rajapakse regime.


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