Is Sri Lanka opposition dare to debate?

(December 29, Colombo - Lanka Polity) The leader of Sri Lanka's National Freedom Front (JNP) has challenged opposition president candidate Sarath Fonseka for a debate on the arms deals Fonseka's son-in-law is allegedly involved. Weerawansa has asked to name other suitable persons, maximum two, to represent Fonseka, if he cannot debate, to the debate that Weerawansa proposes to be held before all media.

Weerawansa's suggestion is timely as reports and rumors point to mass scale corruption in the arms deals under Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. A debate will focus public attention to the issue. The politicians can give out the real information and they can clear their names from corruption charges.

Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka and the opposition must grab this opportunity readily if they are genuine with their proposals to alleviate corruption under their future rule.

Although Weerawansa is a junior close to the ruling elite, he is one of the most influential orators of the ruling coalition. Therefore, he has opened up a path for a debate between the two macro-level presidential candidates in future.

Go on men! Take this chance! Pave way for President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka to perform their 'stripping-the-other' politics face-to-face. It will at least be entertaining in this polity where people are natualized with corruption.


  1. Nop. Because even the JVP doesn't know about the dealings of its new comrade, Sarath Fonseka, let alone the other comrade Sarath Silva.

  2. If Gen: Sarath fonseka,s son is involved in arms deal why did the government kept silent when Gen: fonseka was in service.Why did they wait till Gen: Sarath Fonseka got his retirement and run for the presidential election.this means if Gen: Fonseka was in service till now the government will never ever be bothered to reveal all this.but will sageguard the Gen : Fonseka's son from the allegations.This is none other than dirty politics

  3. yes we should also talk about the MIG deal,Helping Hambanthota,as well. let SF talk Dirctly with MR.If Weerawansa wants to be too smart let some JVPer talk about his upcoming mansion at Malabe (costing 80 million) and hundreds of other things?

  4. Re: The comment of " fairth_fantasy ".

    SF alliance should first take the challenge given. Then make another debate on any other issue.

    If they are shy to talk about the given topic (Dealings of SF's Son in Law) we will have to assume what Weerawansa is saying must be true.

    Instead of mud slinging hearsays Weerawansa has given a fair chance for SF to prove his innocence. Furthermore if SF is not a such good orator as Weerawansa; still SF has the opportunity to get himself represented by two good orators.

    Go for a debate man go for it.
    Then we will decide who is correct and who is not.

  5. I don’t think he will go for this debate. He never go to fight with LTTE fighters. He is an officer. He just commanded to real fighters. Solders were real fighters. Officers are always go behind them. (Only junior officers fight face to face. But when Sarath Fonseka was a junior officer, there was no war in Sri Lanka.) He is afraid to go for a face to face fight. If he can send some others to this debate, he might do so and go behind them. That is his experience. Then later he will claim the victory.


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