A man trampled to death at Sri Lanka President's ancestral home

(October 03, Colombo - Lanka Polity) An 85-year old Sri Lankan man was trampled to death recently by the crowds that thronged to grab free food served by President Mahinda Rajapakse at his ancestral home in deep south Hambanthota district, reported the latest edition of Sinhala weekend newspaper 'Lanka.' 

G. Arnolis that lived 12, Akuressa, Amboda was trampled on September at Medamulana Walawwa, the ancestral mansion of Rajapakses that rule Sri Lanka today, said the newspaper although the incident was not news for other media.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse is in a practice of having large meetings of voters of the Provinces where elections are held, at the Prime Minister's official residence Temple Trees in which he resides now. Free food is served from the President's budget for these crowds after the meetings. Occasionally, such meetings are held in Kandy Presidential Palace and some other places as well during election campaigns.

Southern Provincial Council of his home province is having elections on October 10 and a massive gathering place was prepared in a reclaimed paddy field close to Medamulana Walawwa for meetings and to serve free food to voters.

All these actions are against the election law of the state but no Sri Lankan is worried about laws furthermore now.


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