Sri Lanka police officer abducts and tortures an IT student due to enmity with his son

(August 06, 2009 - Lanka Polity) A student of Sri Lanka's IT campus in Malabe says that he was tortured by police due to an enmity with an offspring of a senior police official. The offspring is also a student of the same campus.

The victim Nipuna Ramanayaka of Rathnapura says that a police team abducted him and took him to the house of the Director of the Colombo Crime Division Vaas Gunawardhana. Ramanayaka said while being treated for injuries in National Hospital that he was beaten by the wife of the above mentioned police officer, the son of the police officer who is also a student of the university and by others. They even uprooted his hair and beard and made him to eat them, the student said. A similar act took place in the incident of abduction and assault of the Working Journalists' Association Secretary Poddala Jayantha.

Later, the parents found the student in Dematagoda police station. The victim says that police threatened him to link him to the underworld and to commit a summary killing.

(Photo courtesy of Lanka E News)


  1. I remember, the head of the Police saying that they are ready to "clean" the underworld, regardless of who they are and what's their political connection is. Seems, the Police is ready to do just more than that. Yeah, it is easy, just link them to the underworld, go with the famous line, " tried to escape while taking to show hidden arms",and do the deed... Clean-Sweep.


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