Pressure mounting on Sri Lanka government to hold the operation against underworld

(August 05, 2009 - Lanka Polity) The operations of Sri Lanka state against the underworld goons has come under severe pressure from the government politicians as the hand has stretched 'too far' to the official staffs of the Ministers.

A prominent Minister who is eying to the foreign affairs job is now talking about human rights following one of the members of his personal staff was taken into custody with weapons due to links with the underworld.

Another Minister who is ill-famous for his notoriety had to accompany a well known drug dealer via VIP exit to board in a flight to England and had to stay in the aeroplane till it was ready to take off to save the life of his companion.

Sources say that the Ministers are pointing out to the leaders that they will need these underworld goon to run election campaigns. However, reliable sources say that the leaders are unable to hold the operation since they cannot get the officials that lead it bowed to political influence.

Meanwhile, many underworld goons are killed as they are fired at by police when they are try to escape as accused in the middle of the night as they accompany police to show the weapon caches.

Some other underworld goons are killed on streets by unknown persons.


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