British Tamils Forum says KP arrest is illegal abduction

(August 11, 2009 - Lanka Polity) British Tamils Forum says that the Sri Lankan Government has once again exposed its arrogance as a ‘democratic state’ apparently unbound by international law and order, extending their practice of illegal abductions, kidnap, disappearances and violations of human rights with impunity, this time across international borders. The military establishment’s disrespect and disregard to international law and order in Sri Lanka is now being permitted internationally, it seems, the British Tamils Forum says.
Through the statement issued, British Tamils demand:
•        UK Government to, along with other governments, demand from the Sri Lankan Government that Mr Pathmanathan must be produced immediately in a court of law and charges made against him as soon as possible
•        The ICRC must be given access to Mr Pathmanathan immediately and Article 3 Convention against torture must be followed to protect Mr Pathmanathan’s human rights and safeguard his wellbeing
•        Mr Pathmanathan must be given access to legal representation according to international laws
•        Any breach of international law by governments, government institutions or agencies involved in this illegal abduction and extraordinary rendition should be investigated and action taken to establish law and order

•        UK government, along with US and other administrations with firm belief in international law and order, should speak out against such international acts of crime by a state
•        Foreign and Commonwealth Office must review its stance on supporting suspension of member states from the Commonwealth, whether breach of law without precedents can go unpunished
•        Media that values human rights and respects law and order should promote action against such acts of crime by a state


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