Sri Lanka state's ICRC phobia

(July 12, 2009) Sri Lanka has asked the ICRC to scale down its operations in the island and the ICRC has in response shut down two of its offices in the Eastern Province and the expatriate staff was withdrawn.

Sri Lanka government and the Sinhala nationalists that support it always suspect of a Western conspiracy against the nation and try to shy away from the humanitarian and other world organizations. The phobia created in the minds of the people help them to get the people maintain them to save the nation from the Western conspirators despite the high cost they have to pay for it.

No one can deny their can be Western influence in these organizations. It is crystal clear that they are run in line with the Western ideology on humanitarianism. That is the very fact that make the Sri lankan authorities tremble before them. On one hand, they are guilty of their conduct in relation to the modern ideology and on the other hand they have no alternates to the Western ideology at least to rationalize or legitimize their conduct.

The true Sinhalese must not be afraid of the West. Instead, they must cultivate more positive ideologies that can show the loopholes in the Western ideologies. On the other hand , why can't our people show more humanity than the West in principles?


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