Sri Lanka's new state policy; 'One country; one underworld'

(Juy 17, 2009) Sri Lanka Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka said that the state had declared war against drug dealers, ransom takers, thugs and murderers following the victory against terrorism. He made this statement addressing a ceremony held to declare open a new building in Mulleriyawa police station. 

A direct link between the killing of a number of underworld goons during the recent past and this declaration of war against underworld can be guessed. 

Over 100 individuals suspected to be the members of underworld gangs were arrested recently from Maligawaththa of Colombo city. One person named Fajee said to be a leader of an underworld gang has reportedly fled from the country as a member of his gang was killed this week in Colombo. 

Anamalu Imitiaz, the leader of the rival gang was abducted and killed last week.

These underworld gangs supported the candidates of both the ruling party and the opposition United National Party (UNP) at the past Western Provincial Council election especially in Central Colombo electorate. 

However, another underworld gang that is supported by a powerful government politician is enjoying impunity from this so called declaration of war, observers say. 

A section of this underworld gang that is active centering to Bloemandhal area in Colombo city abducted, tortured and assassinated one Ranjith Rupas Fernando, a fisher community businessman for ransom taking. His son is still in hospital due to serious injuries committed to him by the goons. This gang is reportedly linked to a number of assassinations in recent past.

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