Sri Lanka's Federation of University Teachers' Associations strike again. But where is that 6%

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Sri Lanka's Federation of University Teachers' Associations (FUTA) announced yesterday that they would hold a token strike on June 03.

FUTA said yesterday that the Ministry of Higher Education had failed to oblige to the memorandum of understanding agreed at the end of the continuous strike of the university teachers in 2012.

FUTA demands the removal of the conditions of the research allowance of the university teachers, increase of basic salary by an amount similar to the research allowance, abolition of gazettes pertaining to the establishment of private universities, appointment of a special Presidential Commission to monitor the reforms in higher education and to have biannual discussions between the FUTA and the vice chancellors' federation.

A notable feature of the FUTA's new demands was the drop out of the popular demand they set forth amidst the past trade union action, allocating 6% of GDP for education.

FUTA representatives vowed to resort to a tougher trade union action unless the demands are granted soon.


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