Sri Lanka to brief the foreign diplomats about banning of Tamil Diaspora organizations

Sri Lanka government has decided to make aware the foreign diplomats in Colombo about the government's recent decision to ban 16 organizations linked to Tamil Diaspora.

Accordingly, the Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Pieris will meet the foreign ambassadors and High Commissioners based in Colombo on Thursday (April 24) this week.

The Ministry of Defense and Urban Development will also join the Ministry of External Affairs in this awareness programme.

On April 01, Sri Lanka government signed the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, which sets out strategies to combat terrorism and to control terrorist financing. Immediately after signing the Resolution 1373, the Sri Lankan government banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and 15 other Tamil diaspora groups including Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) headed by New York lawyer Visuvanathan Ruthirakumaran, Global Tamil Forum (GTF), which is headed by Fr.SJ Emmanuel and active in Europe, and the UK-based British Tamil Forum (BTF) that are alleged of having terror links.


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